It all started in 1977 when a stylish Italian fellow was in England selling taps from his factory. He missed his train – what a disaster… or was it?

While he was waiting for the next train, he decided to pop in to a bathroom shop across from the station. In the shop he met a man named Norman with a love for pigeons who appreciated the Italian quality and design that his taps had to offer. The taps were such a success that Norman’s son in law, David set up his own company to sell these designer delights. And so Tre Mercati was born.

David’s daughters, Helena and Louise, were forced to give up their school holidays to work at Tre Mercati. To be fair, they were paid in Fish & Chips so it was a win-win situation. Helena and Louise now run Tre Mercati and have tried to pay the staff in Fish & Chips but, weirdly enough, they just won’t accept it.

As for the name, well that’s another story altogether involving pasta and a temperamental chef.

We are now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bathroom and kitchen brassware. Still family owned and ran, we have a close knit team providing fantastic customer service and we continue to thrive year after year with the help of our wonderful customers.